10-12 November


Exprimo Translation Company is pleased to welcome you to the Tekom 2015 exhibition. Throughout all days of the exhibition, from 10:00 to 18:00, we will be happy to swap your business card for Russian souvenirs at stand 1B02.

You can also receive a gift by leaving us your e-mail address.

About us

Exprimo was founded in 2006, and since then it has fulfilled 16,000 orders, totaling 100 million words of translation and 40,000 hours of interpreting. We have provided language services at 465 congresses and forums, including many at international level. Today, we are trusted service providers for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, Rosatom, Eurocopter Vostok, SITA, Johnson & Johnson, and foreign embassies. The company employs 1,500 translators specializing in aviation, technical, medical, legal, and energy spheres. We work with 67 languages, and conduct a rating system to select those who translate to perfection.


We make business clear

If you want foreign buyers to easily be able to purchase and use your products or your staff members to familiarize themselves with a new project, or if you are preparing for a presentation at an international conference or starting a business in another country, let us know, and we will prepare the documents required in a foreign language on a turnkey basis. The only thing that will distinguish them from the original is the language.

We will be pleased to translate agreements and legal and technical documentation, and carry

out translations on topics from aviation to medicine, or for the fuel, oil, and gas industry.

Expanding markets

To increase your flow of customers and attract buyers from other countries, you need to communicate in their language. A website is the online face of a company. When a client is in the Russian-speaking zone, tell them about yourself in their language! And we will help you by translating your texts and making your site accessible to buyers from abroad. Foreign partners will feel at home on your page.

Supporting business

If you are meeting foreign partners or are planning an event with foreign visitors, let us know. We will help you to achieve a mutual understanding of common objectives, and our specialist interpreters on site will remove the language barriers. Establish contacts and make agreements with ease!


Translations of any volume

We translate texts from a few paragraphs to thousands of pages, using technology that allows dozens of translators to work simultaneously on the same project, so we can cope with challenges of the utmost complexity in the specified time frame. Editors adjust texts online, and Translation Memory technology saves time and money: we do not translate the same text over and over, so you are not paying for something that has already been done.

Adherence to deadlines

The subject and volume of the text does not affect the translation time and we accept projects with an urgent turnover time, doing them 30% faster. First, we analyze the text, select translators, create a single glossary for them, use Translation Memory technology, and check the material. If we do not meet a deadline, you only pay 70% of the cost. Although, this has never happened.

Our translations are easy to read

Even for a text 5,000 pages long, all terms are translated uniformly from beginning to end. We also guarantee that the text has a uniform style. This is thanks to a special glossary of words that we create from the material before starting work. We create and maintain a Translation Memory database, which stores all text segments previously translated. If translated material is similar, but not identical to a new section, the translator can analyze the differences and does not need to translate the text from scratch. Before handing the text back, the translation undergoes a three-stage quality analysis: translator, editor, and manager.



Contact us, and we will help you to expand the limits of your business. Leave your e-mail address, and we will send you a detailed proposal for cooperation.